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  • Does your system support an emergency duress or distress code?

    Yes. This code will serve as a way to alert authorities that you disarmed your system under duress. Contact Customer Support to learn more about this feature and how to set one up.

  • What are the Verbal Password and master code used for?

    Your verbal password is a word or phrase used to verify your identity when an alarm is triggered or when speaking with Link Interactive about your account. Your master code is a 4-digit code used to arm or disarm your control panel. (You'll never be asked for this over the phone.)

  • What do I do in the event of a false alarm?

    In the event of a false alarm, if you disarm your panel before the signal is sent (usually within 30 seconds) then no other action is required. If not sure or want to confirm the false alarm is canceled please contact our monitoring station at 1.800.662.2512. You will be asked to provide your verbal password before the alarm can be canceled.

  • Can I assign multiple user codes?

    You can assign multiple unique user codes and assign them to specific users. To set them up:

    1. Log into your account and click on the Security tab, then the Users subtab.
    2. Click the Add a User link.
    3. Enter the user information.
    4. Enter the users contact information
    5. Set up a code and select the security access for the user
    6. Click the save button.