Link Interactive’s Wireless Door & Window Sensors

Wireless door and window sensors are essential for knowing who or what is coming in and out of your home. Link Interactive offers a wide array of different types of these sensors so that you can find the right one for any entryway in your home.

You can set up your sensors with your central Go!Control Alarm panel so that you can get information about the status of your windows and doors from one secure location.

Different Types of Door/Window Sensors

Thin Door / Window Contact Sensors

These are the classic sensors that you can place onto any regular door. These sensors send signals to the control panel when the magnet that is mounted near the sensor is moved away as the door/window is being opened. This makes this kind of sensor ideal for other objects that can open and close.

2 GIG DW10 Thin Wireless Door / Window Sensor

This thin door/window sensor can be mounted upon any surface to monitor what enters or leaves your home. The wireless sensor can also be used in outdoor environments.

Recessed Wireless Door/Window Sensors

Want to hide your door/window sensors? Recessed wireless door/window sensors, sit inside the door or window sash and their frames, giving you the same functionality as a regular wireless door/window sensor.

DW20R Wireless Recessed Door/Window Sensor

A recessed door/window sensor is the best option for someone who wants to keep their sensor hidden. Built inside the frame of your desired door or window, this sensor will give you the same monitoring performance as a traditional wireless door/window sensor.

Tilt Sensors for Garages and Tilting Doors

Tilt sensors are the perfect option for garage doors or other types of tilting doors and windows.

RE206 Tilt Sensor

This Resolution tilt sensor is also compatible with the Go!Control alarm panel, so you can easily monitor the status of your garage door and other tilting doors/windows from one central control center.

Where to Place Your Door/Window Sensors

  • Medicine cabinet
  • Jewelry case
  • Fire safe
  • Gun cabinet
  • File cabinet
  • Master bedroom door
  • Den door
  • Pool gate
  • Shed door
  • Liquor Camera