Powerful Home Automation

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Discover Our Home Automation Features

See the many ways that automation improves the usability and security of your home.


Door Locks

Never worry about forgetting your keys. Our door locks can be unlocked with the built-in keypad, or remotely with your phone. They also integrate into the security system, making it easy to lock your doors and arm your system.



The most popular addition to any smart home! Our thermostats make it easy to maintain the perfect temperature. Create schedules, automatically turn off the heat when you leave for work, and check in and change the temperature anytime from your phone.


Doorbell Cameras

With the new SkyBell doorbell camera, not only can you see who’s at your front door, you can have a conversation with them. Even if you’re in the office or on vacation, you can who’s at your door.



Automated lights are the perfect addition to any smart home. You can automatically turn on the porch light when you open the front door, or turn off all the outside lights when you go to bed.


Garage Doors

Have you ever left your home thinking you left the garage door open? With our automated garage door openers, you don’t have to worry. Everything can be opened and closed right from your phone!

Learn how secure, cost-efficient and easy do-it-yourself security systems are.

Home Automation Is Essential

It used to be too expensive and limited, but with new advancements in Z-Wave technology, automation can be a part of every home.

Automation offers convenience, additional security, and peace of mind. It also allows you to check and control lights, locks, thermostats, garages and even video cameras right from your phone.

What About Home Automation Control?

Find out how easy it is to control your entire smart home from one easy app.

Home Automation Control

What makes it work?

Learn about the next step in smart home technology, Z-Wave Home Automation!

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