Link Interactive’s Security Cameras

For people who really want to take their security systems to the next level, our state-of-the-art security cameras are perfect for the job. These cameras are ideal for new and small businesses, but can also be used for residential properties.

You can place these cameras outside to monitor access points or set them up anywhere inside your home or business. Recent innovations in security technologies allow you to access feed from your cameras on your laptop, home computer, television, tablet, or smartphone.

With wireless installation, all you have to do is mount the device, plug it in, and let these remote-viewing home security cameras do all of the work for you.

Compare Security Cameras

At Link Interactive, we have several options to meet all your wireless security camera needs.

V521IR Fixed Camera with IR

High definition, full color 720P resolution
A more effective alternative to typical CCTV systems and can be purchased with infrared night vision capabilities.

V620PT indoor pan/tilt camera

720P HD resolution
350 degree panning range for full room visibility.

ADC V721W Outdoor IP night vision camera

Night vision capabilities
Provides feeds of distances up to 39 feet in actual daytime colors by using a mechanical IR cut filter.

All of these cameras are available at affordable prices and can be customized to fit the needs of basically any location. Browse additional Link Interactive Security Cameras.

Security Camera Tips

  • Make your security cameras visible. Cameras are the number one deterrent of burglary and theft, and sometimes just seeing a security camera will cause potential invaders to steer away.
  • Set up mobile monitoring on your security camera to receive instant tips and information.
  • Place security cameras in areas that burglars will have to walk past.
  • Have both visible and hidden security cameras to trick potential invaders.

Top Places to Place Your Home Security Camera