Monitoring Station Procedures

Password or code word is required on every account

Burglary Alarm

Verify over 2way. If there is someone on site with wrong password or no password, the operator will immediately discontinue the call as politely as possible, dispatch an agency then call the Emergency Contact to verify them, updating the agency of the outcome.

  • Verify with Emergency Contact list. Dispatch agency (guard service or local police) if requested or no contact is made.

1 hour rule: If a point has been in alarm status and responded to by an operator, they can disregard this new event as having already acted on it unless other events are associated (other tripped points, disarm, etc). The point to be disregarded must match exactly with the previous actions.

BURGLARY ALARM (followed by disarm within 1 minute)

  • Verify over 2way.
  • If no response disregard.

If there is a disarm after an alarm has already been processed, the operator is trained to attempt to verify again with site and Emergency Contact that all is well on site. The operator will respond by canceling agencies as needed (through Emergency Contact or no response).


  • Verify with site by 2way. If there is an actual fire or emergency or the contact is not able to verify their password, dispatch fire department.
  • If there is no contact made over 2way, the operator will call the Emergency Contact list.
  • The operator calls the Emergency Contact to notify and respond, they then update the fire department of the outcome.

Operators cannot cancel the fire department if they have been dispatched. They will only update the dispatcher.


Call site over 2way and advise to "move outside and wait for the fire department".

  • Dispatch ED regardless of what is said and password verification. The operator will advise dispatch of any interaction on site.

If no contact at site, notify an Emergency Contact to meet. Update dispatch.


  • Listen in over 2way
  • Dispatch PD.

PANIC ALARMS (panic, keypad alerts, fob)

  • Call 1st contact. If a contact is on site and unable to verify a password, dispatch is made.
  • If there is no contact on site, dispatch PD.


  • Listen in only.
  • Dispatch the PD.


  • Verify with site.
  • Dispatch Emergency Medical Services (EMS).
  • Notify an Emergency Contact.


  • Verify with site.
  • If there is no answer or the contact is not able to verify the password, notify an Emergency Contact.