12 Security Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Having an alarm system means you’re well on your way to making sure your home is protected from burglars and trespassers, however there are a few extra steps you can take to ensure your that home—and your family, are safe from danger and crime.

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A burglar’s first stop is usually the master bedroom, so consider hiding your valuables in the kitchen instead.

This is usually a burglar’s last target since kitchens have too many drawers to look through, and they’re more likely to plan a theft that allows them to quickly go in and out.


While protecting the front entrance of your home is important, making sure the back exit is secure should also be a priority.

Most burglars will try to escape through the back, so making this process harder for them will increase the chances of them getting caught.


The next time you think about telling your mailman or hairstylist about your vacation plans, DON’T.

Burglars get their information from everywhere, so sometimes saying less is best.


While you’re on vacation, make sure your mail or newspaper doesn’t pile up on your front door.

This serves as a pretty clear indicator that you haven’t been home, so consider asking a neighbor or close family member to pick it up every day.


Burglars usually plan their theft during the day, so make sure you never let your guard down, even if you’re leaving your house for only 5 minutes.

There’ll be many times where we’ll do this without even noticing, like when we make a quick stop at the neighbors to drop something off. Sometimes a quick stop can turn into a long conversation, making you lose track of time.


Make sure to keep your alarm system’s wiring hidden to make it harder for burglars who want to disconnect your security system.

Investing in a wireless security system would be a great fix for this problem, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of hiding all your wires.


Keep a good relationship with your neighbor, as it’s always good to have a second or third eye watching after your home.

Neighbors are usually the first to notify you have suspicious strangers roaming the neighborhood, so keeping good relations with them can increase your efforts of maintaing a safe home.


Remember that the worst places to hide your keys are: under the door mat, under the flower pot, under that fake rock next to your door, and under the random gnome on your front yard that stands out.

These are probably the first places anyone will look for a spare key, as they are the most obvious. Even if you think you live in a safe neighborhood, one small mistake can cost you a fortune.


Always keep an eye on service professionals that come into your home.

These strangers may be burglars trying to learn more about your home so they can plan their theft. Checking up on them every couple minutes can keep potential invaders from snooping around.


Security systems are a burglar’s biggest weakness, so make sure you have your alarm company’s sign out in the open.

Usually, this will be enough to make a burglar think twice before invading your home. Even just the site of security cameras can scare invaders away.


Always make it seem like someone is home. You can do this by leaving on a lamp, or always having the light at the front porch on.

A dark home doesn’t only tell a burglar you’re away, but it also makes it easier for invaders to get in and out of your home without being seen.


Loud barking dogs can be annoying, but they can also repel burglars from your home.

Burglars will stay away from a home that has the potential to cause a lot of noise.

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