Where do you purchase the batteries and are they expensive?

You can purchase batteries from any big box or hardward store; the price is around $3-$5.

Does the panel let me know when a battery is low?

Yes, in addition to a low battery notification, the panel will let you know via text message and/or email.

Do the sensors come with batteries?

Every piece of equipment has batteries included; the main panel also has a backup attery.

How long do the sensor batteries last?

5-7 years, depending on usage.

Alarm Panel

Can I place my panel by the door?

You may install the panel by a door; however, we recommend that it be in a centralized location, and not be visible from windows or from the outside.

Is the cellular module included with the panel?

Yes, we use AT&T or Verizon, depending on the best signal in your area.

Can I disable the siren?

No, due to safety concerns, the siren in the panel cannot be disabled.

Are there cameras that work off of the cellular panel instead of Wi-Fi?

The 2gig image sensor is available.

What if I have a signal issue? Is there a test on the panel to ensure signal strength?

Yes, the panel offers two ways to test: 1) The cell phone test, which sends a test signal to the central station. 2) The other is for testing sensors, and signals to the panel.

What happens if my signal is not strong?

We offer either an extended antenna to help signal strength, or we can see if there is another available cellular carrier in your area.

What does 2way voice mean? Is the speaker able to be turned off?

2way voice is the communication between you and an operator during an alarm event. This feature can be disabled if requested.

Will I need an additional key pad?

The main panel works as an arming station. You can use your cell phone, laptop, iPad, etc., or you may order an additional keypad or LCD touchpad as a secondary keypad for arming and disarming, as well as home automation control.

Is there a demo or video about the panel and sensors that I can watch?

Yes, we have support videos on [a href=”” target=”_blank”]YouTube[/a].

Does the panel have voice and chime?

Yes, you can choose the chime and volume of each sensor individually.

How big is the 2gig panel?

8″ width, 6″ height, and 2″ depth.

What does desk mount mean?

We have desk stands available for the Go! Control Panel and the TS1 touchpad for countertop or table placement.

Can I have multiple Go! Control panels at the same location?

No, however we have equipment that will give you the ability to extend how far the signal reaches.

How many wired zones can you have with the Go! Control Panel?

2 wired zones.

How does the cellular module work? Do I have to install it, or does it come in the panel?

The GSM module is installed in the back of the panel, similar to a SIM card in a cell phone. With Link Interactive, the GSM comes pre-installed unless the customer has to switch the module out at some point.

Can I name my zones anything I want, such as "kid's room"?

The Go! Control Panel has a specific vocabulary date, which consists of over 250 words to choose from.

Who programs my zone names?

We handle the programming fro the equipment that is bought at the original purchase date. We will also remotely program security and safety sensors purchased at a later date.

Agreement Terms/Discounts

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, we require a minimum 36 month agreement.

If I own my equipment, do I still need to sign an agreement?

Yes, we offer one to three year agreements if you own your equipment.

What happens if I cancel early?

The customer is responsible for the remaining terms of the agreement. No early cancellation fee is charged.

What happens after the initial terms are fulfilled?

You can resign to lock in the rate or go month to month upon written notice.

Is there a discount for paying one year or multiple years in advance?

We will give you one month free for each year paid in advance.

If we move and leave the system, can new owners take over the agreement?

Absolutely! If you move and the new owners take over the existing agreement, you will be under start up service again. Once moved you will receive a referral incentive.

Is there an incentive to referring someone or signing multiple homes?

Yes, either way you will receive 1 month free of monitoring and the referred customer gets 1 month free of monitoring as well.


Where are the monitoring centers located?

Utah and Idaho.

What's your monitoring center's name?

Avantguard Monitoring Centers

How fast is your central station's response time?

Avantguard is one of the leaders in the industry, with a response time averaging of about 20 seconds.

What's the relation between and Link Interactive?

Link Interactive is a dealer for Link Interactive provides the equipment, support, and central station monitoring, while provides their interactive software services through Link to ensure the customer only has to pay one bill.

Can I add and take away services any time?

You may try out any service within the 30 day trial period.

Can I get central station without remote interactive?

We have a cellular option called signal forwarding that includes central station monitoring, however it does not provide smash and crash protection or any remote functionality.

How many cameras can I have with video monitoring?

4 cameras $5.00/month + Every 4 cameras is an additional $5.00/month. You have a total of 10 cameras per account.

Does severe weather and crime reporting come included with service?

Yes, usually these services are included unless stated otherwise; it’s always good to confirm what services are included in each package.

How long has your company been around?

Our company has been in business over 60 years. Link Interactive is a division of our parent company: Fire Protection Service Corporation.

Is there a place I can find reviews on Link Interactive?

Yes, you can find reviews on, Angie’s List, Facebook, and


What's the difference between a recessed door sensor and a regular door sensor?

One sensor is visible on the door, and the other is in the door frame.

Are your motion detectors pet immune?

Yes, our motion detectors are immune to pets under 50 pounds.

What's the range for the motion detectors?

30 to 50 feet

What if I have questions installing my system?

You can call our Customer Care team at 877-826-5443. We also have installation videos on our [a href=”” target=”_blank”]Link Interactive channel on Youtube[/a].

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