The Next Generation in Video Recording The Stream Video Recorder (SVR) takes local video recording to the next phase of its evolution! Not only does the SVR boast the same 24/7 recording of a DVR and the network connectivity of an NVR, but it also adds automatic remote accessibility, mobile app compatibility and dynamic cloud management—creating a whole new class of video product. The SVR is also optimized to be ultra-bandwidth efficient. By only using internet bandwidth for critical video playback and secure cloud recording, the SVR keeps your internet pipe free. You  can also remotely connect to the SVR from our website and/or your mobile app for local and remote playback of gapless, continuous video recordings. Installation is simple and similar to your video camera set-up. One SVR can support up to 8 IP cameras or video servers and can record well over 1 month of video.

1TB and 2TB models are available.

Compatible cameras:

  • V520IR
  • V521IR
  • V620PT
  • V720
  • V720W
  • V721W
  • V820

Please contact us for further information on the required SVR Service with the purchase of the SVR.

Requires AC outlet for power and a WiFi router.

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