Be alerted and ready for any fires or home disasters with the life safety equipment offered by Link Interactive. We offer a selection of smoke sensors, heat detectors, carbon monoxide sensors, and more which can all be integrated into’s cloud service, allowing you to control and monitor every component of your family’s safety from one central control center.

Smoke/Heat/Freeze Sensor

The wireless Smoke/Heat/Freeze Sensor, 2GIG’s next generation in fire and freeze protection, offers smoke detection, heat detection, and freeze detection. It is more customizable than previous models by allowing separation of the smoke, heat, and freeze features enabling the alarm to detect one, two, or all three.

Heat Detector

The sensor will send a signal if it senses an increase of 15 or more degrees per minute, and will also signal if the environmental temperature reaches 135 degrees.

Disaster Sensor

Three Qolsys compatible wireless sensors in one! It detects flood, heat, and freeze situations.

FireFighter Module

The 2Gig FireFighter is a quick and easy way to add smoke alarm monitoring to your 2Gig control panel. FireFighter is specifically tuned to recognize the specific cadence of a UL listed smoke detector's alarm. This unique audio technology monitors existing UL listed hard wired smoke detectors in a home and will send a wireless signal to the control panel when an alarm is detected. The control panel will then contact the central monitoring station. When used with the interconnected smoke detector found in most homes today, FireFighter adds a new level of alerts by monitoring all the smoke detectors in the home from a single device.

Smoke Ring

The 2GIG Smoke Detector Sensor/Transmitter (aka ‘Smoke Ring’) works in conjunction with traditional AC-powered interconnected smoke detectors to communicate alerts to 2GIG (or other 345 MHz) alarm systems.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

The wireless carbon monoxide (CO) detector features an internal siren which will sound, in addition to the built-in siren in the alarm panel, and a signal will notify the central station when it detects harmful levels of CO gas. This sensor protects you regardless of whether your security alarm is armed or disarmed. This sensor should be centrally located outside each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms; ideally a CO sensor should also be installed on every floor and outside the furnace/boiler room.

Disaster Sensor

Three 2GIG compatible wireless sensors in one! It detects flood, heat, and freeze situations.

Water Leak Detector

The 2GIG-FT6-345 is a wireless water leak detector designed to provide timely notification before costly water damage and flooding happens. The 2GIG-FT6-345 contains a water tight housing that delivers drip, flood, and ambient temperature change notifications. With water damage being the #1 residential insurance claim, the 2GIG-FT6-345 is intended to limit the damage that water can cause to your home or business. The water leak detector is simple to install with no screws or tools needed. It is recommended you install the 2GIG-FT6-345 near washing machine, water heater, sink, toilet, bathtub, shower, dishwasher, dryer or under any U-shaped pipe that may be prone to leaking.

Smoke Detector

The IQ Smoke is connected to your IQ Panel and monitored 24-7, whether your system is armed or not. The IQ Smoke detects the presence of smoke using photoelectric smoke-sensing technology and conforms to UL 217. The IQ Smoke detects the presence of smoke particles as well as the rapid rise in heat that can come from a fire, even if there is no smoke. Because your system is always connected, you can receive a text or email alert if there are any problems, wherever you are.

Flood Sensor

The IQ Flood detects the presence of water and allows you to know when potential flooding occurs before extensive damage is done. Great for installing at the base of water heaters, washing machines, sinks, and more. Includes a 6’ wire with water contact sensor.

FireFighter Module

Using one of these modules will monitor your existing UL smoke detectors in your home. When an alarm is detected, a wireless signal is sent to your Qolsys IQ Panel which in turn contacts the central station.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

The IQ Carbon is a monitored detector ensures your home stays safe from dangerous invisible carbon monoxide gas. Connecting directly to the IQ panel, this device is operating 24-7, whether your system is armed or not, and can inform you if any danger is present in your home.