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We all know one of the best ways to protect your home and give your self some piece of mind is to invest into a home security system. Today we will be reviewing AT&T Digital Life, a home security and home automation service by AT&T.

Basic Equipment

The AT&T Digital Life security system is a wireless security system. The equipment works by connecting wirelessly to your home’s Wi-Fi network so you will not need a landline for your system to work. All the functions of your home security panel can be controlled through the keypad. The AT&T Digital Life Keypad has a basic push-button design. You can quickly arm and disarm your system right from the keypad. It is powered through an AC power source so you want to make sure you have one nearby. The keypad will also alert you to when any of your sensors have triggered a security event. You can also customize the features of your system right from the keypad.

Door/window sensor

The next type of basic equipment offered through AT&T Digital Life are door/window sensors. These sensors are placed on your door/windows frames. When a door/window has been opened you will be notified of this event via an audible alert through the keypad. The AT&T Digital Life door/window sensors are discrete which makes them super easy to place. They are battery operated, and have a long-lasting battery life.

The AT&T Digital Life also offers contact sensors. Their contact sensors are very similar to their door/window sensors and are used to mainly monitor doors. They also have a discrete design which allows them to be easily placed. These sensors are also battery operated.

Motion sensor

AT&T Digital Life offers motion sensors as well. Motion sensors are placed in the upper corner of a room you want protected. When these sensors detect motion, you will be instantly notified. Motion sensors are really great at covering large rooms of your house, cutting down on the need for a lot of contact or door/window sensors. The AT&T Digital Life motion sensors are also battery operated with a long battery life.

Indoor siren

The last piece of basic equipment that AT&T Digital Life offers is their indoor siren. Their indoor siren is battery and AC operated. When system triggers a security event your indoor siren will give you an audible alert.

All the equipment that comes with your AT&T Digital Life services is installed by an AT&T technician so you will not have to worry about setting up the equipment yourself - at Link Interactive our systems are DIY but we can still arrange a professional installer if you need one.

What we don’t like is that they’re somewhat limited when it comes to security equipment. We didn’t really like their keypad. It is a bit basic compared to other keypads and security hubs out on the market today.


There are a couple of different ways that you can monitor your equipment through AT&T Digital Life.

Professional monitoring

AT&T Digital Life offers 24/7 professional monitoring services. With this service you will have a professional monitoring service always watching over your home. If your security system triggers an event your central monitoring station will be immediately notified. You will then receive a call from them checking to make sure that there is an actual emergency. If you do not answer or if there is an actual emergency, they will immediately send emergency services to your home.


AT&T Digital Life also offers self-monitoring through their app for Android, Apple, and PC devices. With the app you can quickly arm and disarm your system with a touch of button. You will also be able to view live and recorded video, customize your system’s features, and control smart home automation devices on the go. When your security system triggers an event, you will instantly be notified via push notifications from the app.

AT&T Digital Life offers a nice variety of monitoring services that you can use to monitor your system. The app used for their self-monitoring services has a lot of great customizable features — but of course not as great as (the app we use here at Link Interactive).

Additional Equipment

Now we will be going over some AT&T’s add-on equipment and some pricing for their services and equipment.

There are several factors that you need to take in consideration when purchasing a home security system. One of the main factors that most consumers consider when purchasing a home security system is how expandable it is, as they are looking for a system that can function as a smart home automation system as well (take a look at our smart home system if you’re interested in expanding your system).

Another really important factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the pricing for the security equipment and the monitoring fees. Let’s now go over some of their additional equipment along with giving our readers some pricing information on their services and equipment.

Carbon monoxide sensor (CO2)

Probably the most popular type of add-on equipment that consumers are looking for are life safety devices. AT&T Digital Life offers a very limited selection for these types of sensors unfortunately. The only life safety sensor that they offer is their CO2 Detector. Their CO2 detector monitors the CO2 gas levels in your home. If dangerous levels of CO2 gas are detected the CO2 detector will immediately let your central monitoring station know that this event is happening. It will also make an audible alert letting you know that CO2 gases are at dangerous level, and trigger your security system that an event has occurred. AT&T Digital Life’s CO2 detector is wireless and battery-operated with a lasting battery life.

Glass break sensor

AT&T Digital Life’s glass break sensors will listen for the sound of breaking glass. If this sound is detected your system will trigger a security event. You will receive a push notification through the app that this event has taken place as well. Glass break sensors are really great for homes that have a lot of windows. AT&T’s glass break sensors are wireless and battery-operated with a great battery life.

Doorbell camera

AT&T Digital Life has a doorbell camera as well called the Active Doorbell. The Active Doorbell will send you instant alerts through the AT&T Digital Life app anytime it has been rung. You can also set customizable security rules and the app will notify you whenever it is triggered. This is a great feature for those of you who have larger homes and have trouble hearing their current doorbell ring.

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Conversion Kit

The last add-on equipment that AT&T Digital Life offers is their Conversion Kit. The Conversion kits allows you to be able to use wired security sensors with your AT&T Digital Life security system - this is similar to our takeover module, which allows you to use pre-existing sensors with your new state of the art Link Interactive home security system.

It is worth mentioning that not all prior wired security sensors will work with your AT&T Digital Life security system. When your AT&T technician comes to install your security equipment, they will let you know if your current wired security sensor will work with your new system or not.

The add-on equipment that AT&T Digital Life offers is a little underwhelming. They don’t have a wide variety of equipment which limits consumers on how much they can expand their system. We really wish they at least offered more life safety sensors seeing that is a major component of most security systems - like a smoke/fire detector. We do however like the fact that they offer a Conversion Kit as an option for you use to use your existing wired security system with theirs.

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We will first take a look at the pricing for the basic package security package, and what is included in it and then take a look at how much it costs to monitor the system.

Basic packages

AT&T’s basic security package is called the Smart Security package. It includes 2 contact sensors, 4 door/window sensors, 1 keypad, 1 motion sensor, and 1 indoor siren.

The Smart Security Package has almost everything you need to get a basic security setup going for your home. You will pay $549.99 for their Smart Security package. This price is dependent on a 2-year contract and credit worthiness.

You can opt to add some equipment on to your Smart Security Package, and the pricing varies depending on what equipment you decide to add.

  • Contact sensors cost $19.99 per sensor
  • Door/window sensors cost $9.99 per sensor
  • Motion sensors cost $19.99 per sensor
  • Glass break sensors cost $29.99 per sensor
  • CO2 detector costs $39.99 per detector
  • Additional keypads cost $69.99 per keypad
  • Additional indoor sirens are $49.99 per siren
  • Conversion Kit costs $99.99

Monitoring plans

AT&T Digital Life’s monitoring services will run you about $39.99 per month, and with this price you will get both professional and self-monitoring services.

AT&T Digital Life’s equipment pricing tends to run on the high end of pricing when compared to other security companies that are similar. Their Smart Security Package is a little pricey, and especially with a 2-year contract. Most other security companies have a very low or no start up cost when you sign a contract with them, such as as. Take a look at our home security offer here.

Their individual sensor prices are average when compared to the pricing for these sensors from other security companies. Their monitoring fees per month are also on the high-end when compared to other security companies.

Today we have taken a close look at what AT&T Digital Life’s security service has to offer. And probably the number one takeaway is that they do not have a wide variety of add-on equipment.

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