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Guide to Using
Your Motion
Detector Camera

Nowadays, motion detector cameras are a household item, with a wide array of functionalities that aim to make your home safer and smarter. These innovative technologies range from notifying you whether there is a change in your home's temperature or if any of your children happen to be in areas within your home that are of higher risk, i.e. kitchen, medical cabinet, etc. Homes are now equipped in a smart way, one that will make you and your family feel significantly more comfortable in the comfort of your own home.

These days, motion detector cameras are commonly used as a safety measure for burglaries and other intrusive situations. However, not everyone is clear on the do's and don'ts regarding proper placement and usage in order to get the most out of devices in your home.

Ways to Use Your Motion Detector Camera


Alert you in the case of a window opening or someone approaching any entrance in your home

Notify if pets or children are in areas of your home with higher risk of danger

Monitor rooms that hold valuables

Identify anyone or anything that triggers the sensors

And those are merely some of the basic functions… But what about optimizing the most out of your coverage with motion detector cameras?

There are some crucial factors that need to be considered in order for motion detector cameras to accurately sense and notify in case of danger. Most homes commonly rely on passive infrared motion detectors, which aim to detect both a change in motion and temperature within a targeted area. Nonetheless, there are several other types of motion detector camera systems available in the market.For example, our image sensors take photos and send them directly to you when it detects movement of any kind. Luckily, most of these systems share in common certain tips and suggestions to get the most coverage for your home.

This guide will assure you to receive the highest level of security from your motion detector camera systems. Follow the suggestions below and protect your home from any inconvenience!

Tips for Installing Your Motion Detector Camera

Below are some factors that need to be considered if you are installing your motion detector cameras on your own. The do's and don'ts of every step should help you get the most out of your protection safety.

1. Adjust your motion camera detector systems settings to not let off alarms when your pet wonders around your home. With most some motion detector camera systems you can adjust the weight settings in order to avoid unnecessary notifications.

2. Refrain from mounting your security system in areas where there is a lot of sunlight.

3. Secure your system at least 6 feet above the ground.

4. Place your motion detector camera in furniture or as part of decorations.

5. Do not mount your system in areas of your home that are being remodeled or need work.

6. Keep sensors clean. Dirt build-up can prevent triggers.

Where to Put Your Motion Detector Camera


1. You must know the coverage range your camera motion detection system encloses.

2. Place some of you motion detection systems on ceilings, where they are likely to capture their respective coverage area.

3. Most motion detector camera systems can detect a range within 50-80 feet; pick rooms that will allow for a maximum coverage.

4. Aim to cover 75% of the advertised coverage area.

5. Mount your motion detector camera in “choke points”, areas within your home that require constant supervision given that are entry points. Some examples are, hallways, doors or stairwells.

6. Make sure to place a motion detector camera system in rooms where you store valuables.

7. Don't place your motion detector camera near an air or heating vent, air conditioning unit or radiators. Mount your camera at least 10 feet away from any vents.

8. Do not overextend your camera motion detection system's coverage range.

Maximize your home's security. Live smartly and safely. Motion camera detection systems make it that simple just for you!


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