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24 Things To Do Before Leaving On Vacation

Whenever you are going on vacation, there are many precautions that you should take to ensure your home is secured while you are away. After a long vacation, we know all you want to do is relax in your own home, so there is absolutely nothing worse than coming back to a burglarized or damaged home. Follow these 25 tips to keep your home safe while you are on vacation so that when you return, it is exactly the way you left it.

1 Lock all your windows, doors, sheds, and garages.

2 Remove any spare keys that you have hidden outside.

3 Hire a house sitter to watch your house and upkeep it.

4 Ask a friend or neighbor to regularly check on your house if you cannot afford to hire a house sitter.

5 Make sure that everyone that is checking up on your house knows about each other so that they do not call the cops on the each other.

6 Do not stop your mail delivery because burglars that are staking out your house may notice the mailman skipping your house and will realize that you are not home. Have a friend pick up your mail, fliers, and any ads on your door daily.

7 Stop your newspaper delivery.

8 Hire a pet sitter if you have a pet. In addition to taking care of your pet, this person can check up on your house for you.

9 Ask a neighbor to take out your trash and help you put the bins back afterwards. Otherwise, potential burglars may notice that you have not taken out your trash in a while and assume that you are gone.

10 Mow your lawn and trim your shrubs before you leave or have someone do your landscaping chores while you are away. This gives the impression that someone is home maintaining their lawn and also doesn't allow overgrown plants to pose as a hiding spot for burglars.

11 Do not announce your vacation on the internet (blog, social media). Wait until after you return to start posting pictures.

12 Do not tag yourself in locations. Burglars will know exactly where you are: not home.

13 Unplug all electronics including TVs, coffee pots, computers, etc.

14 Do not leave your GPS in car, especially if you're parking in an airport parking lot. Burglars staking out the lots will know you are on vacation and can break into your car where they will find the directions to your home with your GPS.

15 Activate your home security system if you have one.

16 Notify your alarm company that you will be away on vacation during this time.

17 Set timers on lights. This makes it seem like there is someone at home.

18 Leave your curtains as they usually are. It is not always a good idea to have them completely closed or the police cannot see inside. Also people may notice that you all of a sudden started shutting all your curtains. Just be sure to keep valuables out of sight.

19 Turn off your water heater.

20 Turn off the water valve if you are gone for more than a week.

21 Lock up your valuables in a secured safe or safety deposit box before leaving.

22 Turn your thermostat to 55 degrees if you are leaving during the winter to keep your pipes from freezing. Otherwise, make sure your thermostat is off, so you do not come back to a large bill.

23 Schedule for someone to remove snow if it is snowing before you leave. This prevents the snow from piling up and giving away that you have not been home.

24 Create a home inventory to document the different valuables you have so that you know if something goes missing.

Before going on vacation, make sure your home is safe by following this checklist:

Protect Your Home On Vacation Checklist

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